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"For me, the choir d'accord means having fun singing together, experimenting, being able to let go and just being human!

Sound painting is a great method for

the choir to mix spontaneous performances with literature. This creates new sound and vocal images that make the choir unique.

With a musical professionalism and humanity, Anita manages to combine extraordinary ideas and different arts and thereby involve all those involved with different levels of knowledge! "


"The choir d'accord is a well-rounded thing made up of improvisation, the courage to try something and then together

to implement. A very special music experience for participants and listeners.

Anita manages to take those with her who do not dare to raise their voices at first. And amazing but true: the courage grows. The overall result is fun and convincing. What a joy!"


"With sound painting, Anita succeeds in creating the right mix of improvisation and choral literature, being conducted and

free development. "


"From the first rehearsal, the choir d áccord is an experience for all the senses. And if you then believe that a certain amount of" habit "has crept in and you have completely grasped the first sound painting terms, the first performance follows and Everyone's nervousness reaches its peak shortly before that. Once you have let go of all worries, fears and concerns, you are so carried away by the current mood that it doesn't matter which person / with which origin / which profession / which skin color / At what age you stand there - all that counts is the performance and the choir as a large, whole instrument, which Anita "plays". These experiences are wonderful and can be addicting. "


"With a lot of commitment and energy Anita leads a colorful group into the wide world of creativity through singing, percussion and movement. Unique and a lot of fun !!"


"For many years I was looking for a choir that suited me and then I came to the choir d'accord. Colorful, unusual, modern. I was welcomed openly and warmly and was right in the middle of it. The sound painting sign language was a challenge at first meanwhile I understand them very well and there is always something new to discover and create. Through sound painting, already known songs are reinventing themselves again and again. Just the thing for people who love the new. Sound painting crosses borders, a non-verbal communication between people from all over the world Bringing the world together so that we are right up to date.

At the Chor d'accord, each individual can develop freely, experiment and contribute his or her strengths and ideas. Singing with like-minded people who share a passion for music, sounds and tones opens my heart and inspires me and my family in everyday life too! "


"Anita brings with her

inimitable kind to man

for singing, dancing and all that

Body to make music. The enormous one

creative energy that arises

lets the soul vibrate in time. "


"Expressing myself in, with and through music means a lot to me. To experience this together with other people is something very special. In the choir d'accord, through shared diversity, enthusiasm, joy, but Above all, this is also possible through openness. For me, the choir d'accord represents a meeting place and a place of contact. Here I am invited to step out of myself, dare to try something out, to discover something, can forget myself and still be completely "I". Learning and development becomes possible because there is a framework in which I can make mistakes. "


"Anita is a brilliant artist,

that combines singing with body percussion, beatboxing and movement in an experimental creative process. It requires a very wide range of musical skills

to bring all these aspects together. "


"Anita Biebl has a positive one

Attitude, a happy face and an absolute gift for people

to motivate! "

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