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Iris, architect (Hamburg)

- yodelling workshop
"Until recently, I didn't know that you could learn to yodel. A great experience with a lot of fun!

We learned breathing techniques, various yodelers and completed the whole thing with a yodel diploma.

And it was great to be accompanied with singing by other hikers on the way home - yodellingly enough - without words.

We would like to thank you very much for the great yodelling workshop.

Thanks also for the great beat. "

Evi (Salzburg)

- yodelling workshop

"I haven't been through such a beautiful, funny, demanding, musical morning for a long time. I really liked it!"

Angelika, personality trainer

- Sing meeting. Mountains

"Singing with Anita is great fun and puts you in a good mood. Anita gives a less talented singer like me the courage to sing and an indescribable sense of achievement. It's for body, mind and soul and is addicting. I look forward to every meeting . "

Albert, lawyer

- Chor d'accord

"Anita brings with her

inimitable kind to man

for singing, dancing and all that

Body to make music. The enormous one

creative energy that arises

lets the soul vibrate in time. "


Sound painting workshop Drummer Camp in Vienna

"It was a lot of fun - especially the performance at the final concert, even if I was unsure at first because of this :)

You radiate great energy and did a great job for us. The demonstration was one of my highlights at the camp. The concept is really exciting and it was really, really fun to be part of the performance. First to be conducted by you, and then by our colleague, whom you inspired in the workshop so much that he did it again with full passion in front of an audience. "

Gary (USA / Minnesota)

- yodelling workshop

"Anita is great and encouraging, and the class is the perfect length. I learned a lot about yodeling, laughed a lot, and I am eager to continue yodeling as life goes on. And now I even have a yodeling diploma! How many people can say that? "

Lilli, lawyer

- Chor d'accord

"With a lot of commitment and energy Anita leads a colorful group into the wide world of creativity through singing, percussion and movement. Unique and a lot of fun !!"

Katharina, rockhouse

- Singing techniques workshop

“The workshop includes a cross-section of Anita’s different singing techniques, which she lives and teaches with passion and humor. Their sound painting skills always flow into the workshop and enrich it with various "sound painting symbols". The whole body approach is best, because body sounds and great grooves are part of her creative work. "

Eva-Maria Brunnauer, architect

- Sound painting performance

"Wonderful! At the beginning, creeping quietly into the walls, steadily becoming more intense and towards the end - goose bumps - completely captivating the room and the audience."

Rainer, (Vienna)

- yodelling workshop

“SO much fun Anita is a most wonderful instructor who made even the worst singer feel special and proficient Go ahead and spend an evening of fun and get jodelling proficient. Recommendable without any reservations. "

Ursula, resident service

- Chor d'accord

"Anita manages to take along those who do not dare to raise their voices at first. And amazingly but true: the courage grows. The overall result is fun and convincing. What a joy!"

Anke, physiotherapist and dance teacher

- Sing meeting. Mountains

"For the first time I feel free while singing! Everything else (choirs and band rehearsals ...) were tied up chants. I really enjoy the flow!"

Lukas, student

- Chor d'accord

"Anita is a brilliant artist,

that combines singing with body percussion, beatboxing and movement in an experimental creative process. It requires a very wide range of musical skills

to bring all these aspects together. "

Ingrid, Head: Aschau Treatment Center - Individual music project

"Thanks to Ms. Biebl's open and happy manner, she quickly succeeds in establishing good contact with the children / adolescents and their supervisors and thus enabling quick access to singing and making music.

The time with Anita Biebl is a win for everyone and we look forward to further joint projects. "

Oliver (USA / Oregon)

- yodelling workshop

“This workshop is So. Much. Fun !!! Anita studied at the local university, and is very knowledgeable in both the history and methods of yodeling. My brother and I booked this class, not sure what to expect, but we were pleasantly surprised. She had a lot of different types of yodels, requiring different techniques. She also used an accordion to help carry tempo, which was very helpful. And don't forget the diploma! It's a perfect memento of your stay in Salzburg. "

Karina, opera singer (Equador)

- Mozarteum opera class
“I have known Anita for several years and have not only danced, yodeled and sung with her, but also got to know the composing language of“ sound painting ”. In addition, my stage presence was trained through her breathing, body, group and space awareness exercises. Your holistic training is fun and brings a healthy awareness of body and mind. It has suitable exercises that positively strengthen group dynamic processes, creativity and spontaneity. I can integrate all of these experiences well into my work and enrich my everyday life. Thanks for everything Anita! "

Carolin, geographer

- Chor d'accord

"With a musical professionalism and humanity, Anita manages to combine extraordinary ideas and different arts and to involve all those involved with different levels of knowledge!"

Laura, schoolgirl

- yodelling workshop

"Thank you very much !!! It was really exciting, especially because I don't really like singing, but I felt very comfortable with you!"

Sonja, textile purchasing

- Chor d'accord

"Anita Biebl has a positive one

Attitude, a happy face and an absolute gift for people

to motivate! "

Doris, (Salzburg)

- yodelling workshop

"Yodelling with Anita

= Fun

= Benefit for the soul

= Enjoyment and a good mood to take home with you

= just great

= juhu juhu juhizen "

Megan (USA / Florida)

- yodelling workshop

"I was nervous at first, but Anita made it a very fun and unique experience. I'm so happy my husband and I did her yodeling workshop and would recommend it to anyone"

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