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ANITA BIEBL - "About me"

ANITA BIEBL - "About me"

Elementary music and dance teacher.

Conductor. Composer. Musician. Singer.

From overseas at the Chiemsee.

Center of life in Salzburg and Anger.

Working grant 2020:

City of Salzburg

Film music ORF 3 Film 2018:

"Land of the Mountains - from the Teufelsgraben to the Untersberg" + contribution: Yodelling on the Untersberg

Start grant 2018:

Federal Chancellery Austria

for artistic creation in the field

Music and performing arts

Lecturer 2017:

Mozarteum University Salzburg

"Improvisation (sound painting)"

Department "Opera & Music Theater"

Beatbox scene in "Le Nozze Di Figaro"

Artist in Residence 2017:

Muka Artacts - St. Johann / Tirol

Jazz and imported music festival

Sound painting & vocal solo performance

Self-employed since 2016:

Yodelling, sound painting, film music, choir d'accord, SnitaL solo, wood concerts, projects, individual concepts

On the radio since 2012:

As SnitaL-SOLO with dialect compositions on Bavaria 2 + regional radio around Salzburg and the Chiemgau.

Professional training:

• Mozarteum University Salzburg (Carl Orff Institute):

Elementary music and dance education, voice.

• Vocational school for music Altötting:

Clarinet, choir and ensemble direction.

Master thesis 2015:

“Aspects of conducting through the ages

- from cheironomy to sound painting ”.

Bachelor thesis 2006:

• "Music and Language - Similarities and Differences"

• "Singing without words - beatboxing, vocal percussion, yodelling, overtone singing, experimental singing"


Anita Biebl • +43 699 10295984

My origin is music. It has accompanied me since I was a child, has led me to my relevant studies and has become my professional anchor. With this anchor I stand firmly on the stage while singing and making music, or directing others with a sure hand. I compose new things for film, TV, radio, as well as for choirs, special projects and customers from the business world.

When YODELING , I discover most of the zest for life that can be expressed through my voice. Singing without words with full vocal power. I like to pass this on in countless workshops and courses.

In workshops and performances I address people individually and develop new music together with them. In SOUNDPAINTING , I compose with the participants directly and without limits. I let this relatively newly developed sign language flow into my musical work every day. Also as a central element in my master’s thesis at the Salzburg Mozarteum.

As SOUND PRODUKTION I deliver compositions, singing and music for TV, radio and stage. For me, music means freedom to let go of something and at the same time hold onto it - to be well anchored in life. The participants in my workshops also experience this "anchor of life" in creative processes, singing and through body language. In “Singing Without Words” yodelling, overtone singing, beat boxing, vocal percussion and experimental singing are learned.

At events, I like to loosen up socially and actively with a SOUND MODERATION between long speeches.

For me music is a language with which I can bring people together and bring joy. In this way I can include the potential of the participants in the WOOD CONCERT by means of intuitive conducting. Everyone slips into the role of a conductor and creates something new - for themselves and for the entire group! Through gestures, I enable an exciting non-verbal work process in which people can find themselves and learn new things.

I always let music, dance and language flow together and, as an elementary music and dance teacher, I can implement projects that have a lasting and body-related effect. In these workshops executives, educators, school classes, groups of musicians and mixed teams are addressed competently and individually.

I make music dance on different instruments. Especially as a SnitaL SOLO, I let the sound of my voice and other instruments work. I compose in dialect and sing in English and Spanish. I also understand singing as an art that is formed with the mouth and voice.

Music is my life, my anchor!

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