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LOGO Jodelschule Alpenland Anita Biebl

Target group:

A yodel workshop is suitable for your company,

as well as for your private occasions.

Outdoor in the field of experiential education and everywhere

where it is about the connection and integration of

People goes.

What's the point:

••• Rediscover voice training

••• Experience your own vocal power

••• Experience polyphony in unison

••• Singing by known and new yodelers

••• Improvising with different syllables and sounds

••• Feel the rhythm of canon singing

••• Playing the Styrian harmonica

••• Strengthening personality

••• Promote team building

••• Awaken fun again!

Yodelling for more joie de vivre!

More info:

Yodelling is not only taking place in the Alps, but in various regions of the world! Concentrated while yodelling

everything is based on the very own resonance of our voice,

without using words. The sound in the register change

between the chest voice and the head voice puts ours

Mind across borders, relaxes us and cares

for feelings of happiness that we are not used to.

Longstanding singing practice is irrelevant.

For me yodelling means joie de vivre!



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