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Yodel diploma

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The diploma yodelling is of course not comparable to the normal yodelling - then you have something of your own in your hand! Those who are motivated can also reach different levels. Level 1 can already be yodeled with the first successful participation;)

Level 1: correctly pronounce yodel syllables and sing!

Level 2: Perform a complete yodel alone!

Level 3: Master the second mission in the canon on your own!

Level 4: Yodelling coloratura and improvisation!

Level 5: Compose and recite a yodel call!

If you have achieved the title "Yodel Prince / Jodeprinzesin" with Level 5 = Level 1, you can go on to the championship in the royal and imperial discipline :)

The next level can be reached with every successfully attended yodelling workshop.

With joie de vivre to success!

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Department 2o2o: Modern yodelling with Anita Biebl

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