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Wood concert

Holzkonzert aktuell.jpg

A concert to join in! - Interactive and without words,

Create music that speaks through the body !

What's the point:

••• Rediscover wood

••• Playing instruments made of solid wood

••• Make music together

••• Understand conducting intuitively

••• Take the chance to conduct yourself

••• Communicate non-verbally through body language

••• enforce As a conductor, his will

••• Strengthening social skills: team building

••• Strengthening awareness of hearing and seeing

Target group:

Suitable for companies and institutions with an interest in wood, team building, body language, leadership and leadership practices, families, school classes, senior citizens, inclusive-integrative groups, teacher training; Outdoor: adventure education, forestry and forestry, nature discovery centers, indoor: theater, school, kindergarten, museum ...

More info:

Here we discover the sound world of wooden instruments! There are countless sound possibilities in the natural material wood, which visitors to the wood concert can experience in all their diversity. All instruments can be played without prior knowledge. The concert is “conducted” using body language so that everyone can react to it intuitively. Everyone can conduct themselves and create their own wood music. This is how it comes to interaction: solo, tutti or in groups - fast, slow, loud and quiet.

Wood concert variations:

A wood concert can last different lengths depending on the planned framework and can be repeated several times for different groups.

There is also the possibility to book a wood concert in stage format. Here the wood concert takes on a performative and scenic-dramaturgical character. The range of instruments is expanded and the audience can also be included.


Wood concert

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