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Sound painting performance

With a sound painting performance you enrich your ceremony in a special way!

Suitable for your company party, your anniversary, your opening, your event.

A sound painting performance can be carried out purely improvisationally or conceptually, including traditional and composed works, as well as being thematically and space-oriented.

With various regional and international artists (Carpe Tempus Collective, Ensemble 013, Schmiede) and choir voices (Chor d'Accord) I create sound painting as a performance art at home and abroad.

Customer opinion:

Eva-Maria Brunnauer:

Salon Franziska - Architecture Initiative:

"Wonderful! At the beginning, creeping quietly into the walls, steadily becoming more intense and towards the end - goose bumps - completely captivating the room and the audience."

Sound painting performance for the opening of the Salzburg Architecture Days 2016



@Stadtgalerie Lehen • SALZBURG 2016

For the ORF Long Night of the Museums. With members from the festival ensemble "Ensemble 013", "Carpe Tempus" and the "Chor d'accord"


@Riedenburghalle • SALZBURG 2016

At the opening of the Architecture Days, Salon Franziska

"Chor d'accord + Electronics / Johannes Wagner"

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Sound painting performance

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