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Sound painting workshop for

Leisure & school

  • student

  • students

  • Adults

  • Mixed groups

  • Inclusive-integrative groups

Sound painting is conducting and composing in real time - here the conductor is the living sheet of music.

What's the point?

  • Discover potential

  • Strengthen group dynamic processes

  • Communicate without words

  • Use mistakes as opportunities

  • Combine different styles of art

  • Increase creativity, spontaneity and the ability to react

  • Design a performance together


  • Games to loosen up

  • Basic sound painting characters (selected according to the group)

  • Listen, see and react to yourself and others consciously.

  • At the moment there is always the chance to discover and develop your own creative possibilities

  • or to imitate and develop other impulses.

  • The communication of the sound painting signs creates a fascinating togetherness that is expressed through voice, music, movement and language.


  • 1.5 - 3 hours

  • Get to know sound mapping as a sign language

  • 10 minute final presentation (optional)


  • Within 3 - 9 days

  • Experience sound painting as a language of composition and conducting

  • Current topics and the potential of the participants can be included

  • The participants themselves also have the opportunity to try their hand at being a conductor and composer

  • At the end of the project there is a performance


Sound painting workshop

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