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Sound painting workshop for


  • Executives

  • Teams

  • Start-ups

  • Talent management

  • pedagogues

  • All professional fields with an interest in

Body language, creativity and team building

Conducting gives you a new perspective on your body language - learn to better "make music" with your teams.

What's the point?

  • Self-awareness in doing

  • Develop ideas

  • Make decisions

  • Feedback on your own body language

  • Strengthening group dynamic processes, team building

  • Together to a sense of achievement

  • Act from the moment

  • Use mistakes as opportunities

  • Rediscover creativity

  • Learn to compose


  • Warm up for body visualization power

  • Awareness of standing and body balance

  • Introduction to the sound painting syntax

  • Practical examples for basic sound painting gestures (adapted according to the group)

  • Each participant is initially a performer and learns to interpret the sound painting characters

  • After that, everyone becomes a conductor for their team once.

  • A sound painter is both a conductor and a composer. What is to be considered?

  • Body language training and feedback


Sound painting workshop

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