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Sound painting workshop for

Music, dance and drama

  • Choir

  • orchestra

  • theatre

  • ensemble

  • tape

Sound painting = being open to the moment

- inspires to create something together.

What's the point?

  • Get to know a new kind of interaction

  • Create new compositions together

  • Expand and design existing pieces

  • Discover advanced playing techniques

  • Develop your own ideas

  • Perceiving mistakes as opportunities

  • Promote spontaneity and improvisation

  • Strengthen and revitalize group energy


  • Exercises to loosen up the body, reaction

and visualization power

  • Introduction to the sound painting syntax

  • Practical examples for basic sound painting gestures (adapted according to the group)

  • Deepen the artistic work

  • Connect disciplines with each other (optional)

  • Inclusion of space, object, costume, light,

New Media .. (Optional)

  • Design of a performance (optional)

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